Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GE Installs 20,000 Wind Turbine After 10 Years In Wind Business

After Enron vaporized, Enron was revealed to be mostly smoke and mirrors, talented employees, and little else of real value.  Indeed, other than an Oregon utility, Enron's most valuable asset was its wind turbine manufacturing business that was located in California.

Enron made good wind turbines. In fact, some original Enron built wind turbines from the California factory were installed in Somerset county, Pennsylvania in the Commonwealth's earliest wind farms.

The implosion of Enron birthed new commercial life, as GE bought in 2002 Enron's wind manufacturing business.  Now ten years later, GE is celebrating the installation of its 20,000 turbine.

And the rate of growth for GE has been extraordinary.  The 10,000th GE turbine was installed in 2008; the 15,000th in 2011; and the 20,000th already in 2012.

Or it took GE 6 years to sell and install its first 10,000 turbines and 4 years to sell its next 10,000 turbines. And it has installed 5,000 turbines in about the last 2 years. Wow!

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  1. Very impressive numbers John. This is definitely something to celebrate. Hopefully the PTC will be extended so that these gains can continue.