Friday, November 30, 2012

Ford's Largest Sale of Plug In Hybrids: GE Buys 2000 Ford C-Max Energi

Early adopters give life and opportunity to any new technology.  These are the folks that are willing to overcome inertia and obstacles to change how lives are led and business is done.  And major purchases of any new technology are particularly important to its ultimate success.

GE's purchase of 2,000 Ford C-Max Energi, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, is Ford's largest sale of plug-in hybrids to date.  What is good for Ford is also good for GE that gets 2,000 great vehicles and helps to build a market for its alternative fueling technology.

Accelerating the deployment of alternative fueling technology and the greater utilization of electric, natural gas, and biofuel vehicles remains vital to America's economic and national security.  Congratulations to both GE and Ford for putting substantial private investment into advancing these vital national goals.

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