Monday, October 8, 2012

Senator Inhofe Shows Commendable Humor After Being Attacked By Algae

Readers of this blog know that few supportive words for Senator Inhofe are found here, since he declares climate science a hoax and votes against the Natural Gas Act (Pickens Plan).

But give the Senator credit for humor.  Though fortunately fully recovered, he recently became quite sick, after swimming in a lake in Oklahoma that had an unprecedented algae bloom. The Senator attributed his illness to his swim with algae and said: "Inhofe attacked by the environment. The environment strikes back."

Temperatures have been setting all time record highs in Oklahoma in 2011 and 2012.  High temperatures  lower dissolved oxygen levels as well as promote algae growth.  Perhaps Inhofe's commendable humor about his algae encounter is a precursor of new wisdom. At least, I can hope.

The Senator also recounts that his grand-daughter refused his encouragement to swim with him, as she said she didn't want to jump into the "green stuff."  The Senator has a smart grand-daughter, and I encourage her to exercise the same caution about following his environmental, climate, and energy views, as she wisely did about his pleas for her to join him swimming.

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