Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hertz Becomes A Power Company: Driving Forward Radical Grid Decentralization

Hertz is joining Walmart and IKEA in becoming a power company, as families and businesses decentralize the grid.

By the end of 2012, Hertz will be operating solar facilities at 18 of its US airport locations and is currently installing 200 plus kilowatt sized solar systems at its JFK and Newark operations.

Rich Broome of Hertz was quoted to say: "Even as incentives disappear, the company expects costs for solar power to continue to come down. Solar makes sense for us."

Hertz is trying harder; the sun is rising; and the grid is decentralizing.

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  1. Remove the tax incentives and forced rate payer purchase at the expense of the public and the cash cow for law firms and engineering firms is gone for the pimps that represent these crooks. Why is government misdirecting resources into economically unviable not market ready crony capitals while we free fall into bankruptcy. It is profligate spending on unproductive endeavors such as solar and wind that has us $16 trillion in debt!