Monday, July 2, 2012

Direct Energy's Free Power Day Saves Customers 30% Or More

Direct Energy's Free Power Day electricity plan is a hit in the marketplace and for a good reason.  Consumers switching to the plan are cutting their monthly bill by about 30%, while some save up to 50%.

Consumers are achieving large savings by a combination of shifting 15% of their load and also conserving additional electricity.

What day is most popular for free power?  Saturday.  Single parent families, in particular, are shifting power use to saturday and using the day for home entertainment.

Direct Energy is offering the Free Power Day Plan in the PPL electric utility service territory in Pennsylvania, where smart meters that provide interval data are installed in the premises of all customers.

Smart meters and competition for retail customers are required to make power free.  Not too surprisingly, in the pre-electricity competition era, no free power days existed.


  1. In the spirit of Milton Friedman. There is no "FREE power LUNCH" day! Somebody, somehow is paying the price for this so called free power day. I think the answer lies in the incentive to adapt the "smart meters."

  2. So competitors don't offer buy one get one free or buy one get two free. I buy lots of my clothes based on such offers. I just wait for the the buy one get two free sales. The Free Power Day plan is just one of many such examples in competitive markets. The state-sanctioned distribution electric monopoly is mandated by PA to install smart meters by 2020. These meters then open up all kinds of pricing plans from competitive electricity generation suppliers.