Thursday, July 19, 2012

Consol Hits Record Well & Innovates Using Coal Mine Water To Frack A Well

The Marcellus gas reserve is able to remain profitable even at today's low, low gas prices, because production from its gas wells is so large.  And sometimes it is record setting.

Consol reports that a well it drilled in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania set an all-time company record for peak 24-hour production.  The well produced 17,900,000 cubic feet of gas or 17,900 mcf.

Consol last week also made another noteworthy announcement.  It used coal mine water to frack a well or specifically 10% of a well's water needs was met by coal mine water.

Using coal mine water to frack wells is a win-win for the environment by reducing withdrawals of freshwater and by beneficially re-using coal mine water.  


  1. John,

    I thought that number was too good to be true, and it looks like it may be. If you read that article closely, it looks like the entire 4 well pad is producing that much gas, not one well by itself. Still not bad numbers, but if they weren't divided by four, they'd be astronomical. Still hoping that you're right though!



    1. It is the single Gaut 4A well on the Gaut pad which accomplished this. They are very long laterals. Of course a peak rate is great, but 30 day rate is a better test.

  2. Environmentalists add that the effects of polluted water will be felt in the next 50 years in most of the local towns and the productive farms due to mining on river catchments and fertile soil.
    Don Blankenship