Thursday, June 7, 2012

US Ranks Number 1 In Non-Hydro Renewable Electricity Production

Put aside hydro power generation.  Focus on electricity made from non-hydro renewable projects: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass.

The USA is number 1 in the world in the total amount of electricity generated from non-hydro renewables.  The US generates 70% more electricity from such sources than the globe's number 2, non-hydro renewable power country--Germany.  All data at:

Though Germany trails the USA in total power produced from non-hydro renewables, Germany does get a higher percentage of its power from such sources--approximately 20%.

Including hydro, the USA gets 13% of its electricity from renewable energy.  But non-hydro renewables provide a bit more than 5% of the USA's total electricity.

Now bring back hydro into the analysis.  Where does the USA rank in renewable electricity production, when hydro is included? Number 2.

With hydro included, as a result of massive hydro projects, China leads the world in producing the most electricity from renewable energy resources.

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