Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PA Will Soon Be Number 3 Gas Producing State: 10% Of Nation's Gas

Pennsylvania is moving on up the natural gas production rankings. In fact, Pennsylvania will jump over Wyoming and move into the Number 3 gas producing spot by 2013.

Pennsylvania could well be producing at rates equivalent to 2.5 trillion cubic feet of gas per year by 2013, according to data gathered by Bentek and reported by the Associated Press yesterday (see the above link). Production of 2.5 trillion cubic feet would vault Pennsylvania over Wyoming and put it close to number 2 Louisiana. It would also mean that the Commonwealth would be producing about 10% of America's natural gas.

For those wondering about the number 1 spot, Texas occupies it,.by producing an incredible 7 trillion cubic feet or about 30% of US gas in 2011.

If Pennsylvania does reach production levels equivalent of 2.5 trillion cubic feet by 2013, it will represent a near doubling of its 1.3 trillion cubic feet production in 2011.


  1. King Coal and now Glorious Gas...both fossil fuels...are we still talking a "bridge fuel" John? The bridge is getting longer and it is not one built on integrity or honesty now is it?

  2. The increasing use of gas has cut or avoided 1 billion tons of carbon pollution; enormous amounts of mercury; lead; and other toxic pollution; vast quantities of soot that sickens and kills up to 34,000 people each year; and millions of tons of nox and sox. At the same time, wind has more than doubled; solar has more than increased by 8-fold.

  3. It all comes back to areas that will have to be sacrificed. We await the next wave of drilling, fracing and pipeline. We will know what to do and what not to do this time. You have the coal statistics, we are in the process of creating the statistics that our children will read about-Natural Gas-the clean fossil fuel.