Monday, June 4, 2012

PA Passes Oklahoma: Now Number 4 Gas Producing State

New April 2012 data shows Pennsylvania rapidly moving up the natural gas production rankings.

After being a small gas producing state, not even in the top 10 for most of its recent history, Pennsylvania ended 2011 ranked 6th for the year, when it produced 1.3 trillion cubic feet. Only Texas, Wyoming, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado produced more gas last year. That was an impressive, quick climb up the rankings but just the beginning.

The Commonwealth's ascent continued in the first 4 months of 2012, and it jumped over Colorado and Oklahoma into the Number 4 position.

By this April, Pennsylvania was producing 5.3 billion cubic feet of gas per day or the equivalent of 1.93 trillion per year, according to data collected by Bentek and reported by the Associated Press.  See  In 2011, Oklahoma and Colorado produced 1.8 and 1.6 trillion cubic feet respectively.

Moreover, Pennsylvania's climb up the gas producing rankings is not yet done. Bentek reportedly forecasts that Pennsylvania gas production could increase 31% over the next 16 months.


  1. now we have a major glut of gas reserves. What is the point of this? why keep drilling? Looks like NY is safe from drilling, since who needs it with all the extra gas coming from the other States !

    1. The point is a market that is already identifying new uses for the gas, such as replacing significant coal-fired power with much cleaner gas. Although NY continues to stubbornly allow drilling, major pipeline projects are advancing to move that gas into NY.