Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Low-gas Price Triggers Price War For Electricity Customers: Great Time To Buy Longterm & Green

The close relationship between the price of natural gas and the amount of your electricity bill is on display once more.  This time in the form of a price war for electricity customers that has been triggered by the low-price of gas.  See the Andy Maykuth piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer at

I would urge electricity consumers to consider doing two things at this point, the best time to shop for electricity in the last 12 years.  Look for longterm contracts and buy some green power.

You can get information about how to purchase local wind power at  Any purchase of Pennsylvania wind will help to build more wind farms in Pennsylvania that produce zero air and water pollution, that employ Pennsylvanians, and that produce electricity that helps to keep power prices reasonable.

No matter what electricity you buy, this is a great time to lock in favorable pricing.  You can save more right now by sticking with short duration contracts, but prices are likely to rise from these levels sooner rather than later.  My advice would be to think multi-year or longterm contract.

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