Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interesting Fracking Fact: 70% of Fracking Done at Oil Wells

Hydraulic fracturing has been used for decades, but virtually nobody outside the oil and gas business ever heard of "fracking" until 2010. After fracking had hid in plain view for decades, why has nearly everyone said fracking in everyday conversation over the last two years, and the word is now firmly part of our vocabulary? Shale gas drilling reached the Northeast of the United States and a tsunami of media and public attention resulted.

As a result, fracking and gas drilling are tied together in the public mind.

Yet, the EPA stated during its webinar yesterday on hydraulic fracturing that 70% of hydraulic fracturing is currently at oil wells and just 30% at gas wells, reflecting a shift of rigs from gas drilling to oil drilling, as the price of oil jumps again, while the price of gas is at bargain levels. Much of the public, however, would be surprised to learn that fracking is being used right now much more to produce oil than gas.

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