Monday, February 14, 2011

Rapid Fire Key Facts for China

China now is the second largest economy, moving past Japan.

Rapid fire facts: China GDP in 2010 was $5.88 trillion; Japan's $5.47 trillion.  USA GDP was $14.66 trillion.

USA 2010 GDP was bigger than our 2007 pre-crisis GDP, as the USA recovers from the near 2008 depression.

China's 1.3 billion population is 11 times Japan's population and 4 times USA population.  Chinese per capita income is $4,300 or one-eleventh of USA per capita income.

China has the world's largest auto market.  China is the largest energy consumer in the world. China invested the most in renewable energy of any nation in 2010.  It invested $51 billion in 2010 in renewable energy or 20% of the world's $251 billion record annual investment.

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