Friday, February 25, 2011

Electricity, Gas, Oil: How Much to Go a Mile?

I paid $3.27 per gallon for gasoline this morning at what had been the cheapest gasoline in town, a Hess station.  At that gasoline price, a 25 miles per gallon car costs 13 cents just for fuel per mile to operate.

What if I had filled up with natural gas or had a Volt or electric car, what would have been my per mile cost?  For the natural gas vehicle, assuming 25 mpg, my fuel costs would have been less than 6 cents per mile.

A Volt running on electricity would have cost 2 to 3 cents per mile.

Gasoline is now $3.27 at my home; CNG is available for $1.40; Plugging in the car and running on electricity drives the fuel cost below $1 per gallon equivalent.

Our oil habit is expensive.

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