Friday, February 22, 2013

Stunning Fact: 100% Of New US Generation In January Were Renewables

The startling data underlining the boom in renewable energy keep coming.  Stunningly, in January 2013, renewable energy supplied every megawatt of new power generation--100% of the market.

A total of 1,231 megawatts of new generation came on line in January.  Of that total, wind accounted for 958 megawatts; solar 267 megawatts; and biomass 6 megawatts.

All data comes from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  And it understates renewable energy, since the FERC data does not include large amounts of behind-the-meter or distributed generation that is almost exclusively solar or small wind systems.

In the case of solar, the amount of distributed solar is pushing toward about 150 megawatts per month. That adds up to an impressive number over the course of a year.

Even without the inclusion of distributed solar in the FERC data, renewable energy had an extraordinary month in January 2013!

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