Friday, February 8, 2013

More Solar Capacity May Be Built In 2013 Than Either Wind Or Coal

This may be the year when solar beats wind or coal.  Amazingly, more solar capacity may be built in the USA during than new wind or coal capacity.  That indeed would be an historic first.

Bloomberg projects that 3,900 megawatts of solar will be built this year, a new record, while wind may build between 3,000 megawatts and 4,000 megawatts.  New coal plants coming on line this year are also likely to be well below the 4,000 megawatts mark.

Wind and solar combined are likely to account for about 50%, or even more, of all capacity built in the US this year, as they did in 2012.  The rise of the sun, however, is just starting.  Soon more solar capacity will be installed every year than any other generation type.

The size and speed of the changes in the new generation markets are simply stunning!

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