Monday, August 6, 2012

Wisconsin Utility To Double Gas Generation & Slash Air Pollution

Wisconsin Power & Light Company (a subsidiary of Alliant Energy) is the latest example of why air pollution is falling in the USA by more than 70% and why Uncle Sam leads the world in reducing carbon pollution since 2006. The Wisconsin utility is embarking on a $1.4 billion plan that features repowering coal plants with natural gas, installing modern pollution controls at coal plants, and closing inefficient units.

Once its power generation makeover is done, Wisconsin Power & Light will double the electricity it gets from natural gas and cut its coal power by 35%.  To be sure, the changes in the Madison headquartered utility would not be so extensive without the shale gas boom, and the shale gas boom is at the heart of slashed air pollution in Wisconsin and around America. 

It must not be forgotten that power plant pollution is America's leading cause of dirty air that causes each year hundreds of thousands of illnesses, including tens of thousands of premature deaths.  The shale gas boom has become an unexpected key to cutting quickly power plant pollution and its public health toll.

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