Thursday, August 9, 2012

July Sets US Temperature Record & Talking Point of Climate Deniers Evaporates

This July certainly rewrote the temperature record books. Since temperature records were begun in the 19th century, July was the hottest month ever, part of the hottest first 7 months of a year, and part of the hottest last 12 months.  This July temperatures was an extraordinary 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit about the 20th century average.  A devastating drought also grips 63% of our land.

One good thing that may come from July being the hottest month ever could be that George Will and other climate change deniers can no longer use July 1936 as a talking point.  George and his friends could be counted on to say something like: "climate change is not real, because it was hotter in July 1936."   

They may keep saying such things, but that part of their case will not be factually accurate any more.  Indeed, close to nothing in the denier case is factually accurate.


  1. Oh and you might want to read this:

    NOAA's record claim uses outdated data. When you use the most recent, rigorous data, the "record heat" claim falls by the wayside.

  2. I will stick with NOAA and Professor Muller of the Berkely Earth Surface Temperature Project. Frankly the website your comment links to is a notorious joke. Its author essentially said that he would go out of business if the Muller study confirmed human caused temperature increases. I am sure that won't happen. Some of those attacking fracking and climate science have a lot in common, when neither will accept enormous evidence that they are wrong about specific claims they make. Nothing will be enough in either case.

    1. Concerned ScientistAugust 9, 2012 at 3:41 PM

      "Some of those attacking fracking and climate science have a lot in common"

      Exactly Right John