Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fukushima Now Officially a Category 7--Twenty Three Days After This Blog Said So

Fukushima now joins Chernobyl as the only nuclear accidents that have been classified officially as a Category 7, the worst level possible.  This Blog on March 19th categorized the Fukushima as a nuclear disaster comparable only to Chernobyl.

And unfortunately the Fukushima disaster now nearly 5 weeks after it began is far from over.  Indeed, the Japanese government in a moment of candor stated yesterday that the disaster could possibly get worse yet.  The situation remains dangerous and volatile.

Another 115,000 people in the vicinity of the plant but just outside the current 12 mile exclusion zone were told by the Japanese government to evacuate within a month.

The US government has imposed a warning to stay 50 miles from the plant.

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