Saturday, April 16, 2011

Disturbing Fact: Federal Criminal Charges Involving Another Charter School

The Feds this week filed criminal charges involving misuse of taxpayer funds against 2 former officials of New Media Charter School.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday, to date, the feds have filed criminal cases involving the handling of taxpayer funds now at 4 charter schools.  It further reported that 18 charter schools have been the subject of federal investigations in the Philadelphia area.

Given that there are 74 charter schools in Philadelphia, the number of charges and investigation involving these schools are disturbing.

The future of  America's competitiveness rests on how good our  K-12 education, technical training, and college systems are.  Then all children deserve a quality education.  But taxpayers cannot have their money ripped off at anytime whether budgets are tight or not. 

Wtth all educational funds facing an unwise slashing in Pennsylvania, the controls on the use of funds at charter schools and the quality of education provided by them need to be strengthened.  Right now.

Poor performing charter schools should not receive taxpayer funds.  Is not that just common sense?

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